Terms & conditions:
Vendors terms and condition for clothing line:

·      7weven is only required to pay the marginal amount to the vendor on the sale of a product entitled to them, an amount that the vendor has decided and that has been mutually agreed upon with 7weven.

·      7weven can take all the legal and non-legal steps necessary in the event of fraud or cheating committed by the vendor, at the discretion of 7weven.

·      7weven will help promote every vendor in its vendor list, although 7weven does not guarantee any sales or profit therefrom.

·      Every product sold from the vendor's digital store will be taxable and the buyers will have to pay the minimum convenience fees.

·      Home delivery charges are not included in the prices of listed products; although the buyers will have the option to ship their product(s) home by paying the shipping costs.

·      The vendors’ unique branding, as pre-approved by 7weven, will be applied on the product(s) sold as well as on the shopping bag(s).

·      The payment to the vendors will be credited on monthly basis by way of their 7weven account, and the final amount will be transferred to them once their 6-month term concludes.

·      In the event of any unforeseen circumstances beyond the reasonable control of 7weven, including but not limited to, products lost or stolen during the shipping process, product lost or stolen from the pick-up center, and force majeure, 7weven will take the necessary steps it sees fit to assist the vendors but does not guarantee any solution.

·       In the event of any damage-related return claims, 7weven requires a video proof of the damaged product from the vendor. 7weven will investigate the underlying cause and will attempt to resolve it as it sees fit, if it is convinced it is 7weven’s fault, but does not guarantee any solution.

·       The vendors are required to submit their direct deposit bank account details for the purposes of facilitating payments. If a vendor does not own a bank account, alternative arrangements may be made by 7weven on a case-by-case basis.

·      7weven will provide invoice bills via email to the vendors confirming all products sold as well as information regarding the shipping status of the products.

·       A vendor cannot change the name of their clothing line once approved and confirmed by 7weven for a period of one calendar year (or 366 days if it occurs on a leap year). If a vendor nonetheless wishes to change the name of their clothing line, at the discretion of 7weven, the change may be approved subject to a required $50 processing fee. Although the membership duration is set, by default, for a period of six months, if a vendor wishes to renew their membership, they are permitted to do so using the same clothing line name, or else, additional charges may be applicable.

·      Each vendor may only select a maximum of 25 items to be listed on their digital store with 7weven.

·      Vendors cannot submit or otherwise publish photos of their products obtained from the Internet or other sources due to copyright limitations. Only original photos captured by the vendors, to which they own full usage rights, can be used for such promotional purposes.

·      Costumer details are considered confidential client information and therefore will not be communicated with the vendors. Only non-identifiable and non-personal information will be revealed to the vendors, such as the number of products sold, details of such sales, and any other information at the sole discretion of 7weven.

·      For orderes placed using the non-customized option, 7weven does not offer the option to exchange or receive a refund unless the default is by the company.